Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chicano Rap, Like No Other

Lean Like a Cholo- Kilo
Lil Rob- Neighborhood Music
Kid Frost- La Raza
Akwid- Los Mexicano
Molotov- Here We Kum
Mr. Capone-e- The New West Coast
West Side Connection- Gangsta nation
2MEX- Mosh To Da Sun
Tha Dogg Pound- Cali Iz Active
Lil Rob- California
Mr. Shadow- Open Up The Cell
Mr. Capone-e- These Soldiers

This mix tape consists of songs that I feel represent the various areas in the spectrum of chicano rap. Many of the tracks hold sentimental appeal to the chicano community such as Neighborhood Music by Lil Rob. Or like La Raza by Kid Frost, which is considered to be one of the pioneering singles of chicano rap. Other tracks- such as Lean Like a Cholo by Kilo- are showing chicano artists as hip rappers that go had and hand with your typical African American rapper. Almost all the tracks however, represent the nature of chicano rap by either aiming to bring a greater sense of unity among chicanos, or by rapping about their own hardships as a chicano.

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