Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brown & Proud

The West Coast and Southwest Mexican American culture is embodied in the cultural phenomena of chicano rap. Chicano rap is a subgenre of hip-hop, that is dominated by chicano rap artists. Chicano has definately made mainstream. A chicano rapper is an artist of mexican (chicano) descent. Chicano rap has been alive and growning since the 1989, with Mellow Man Ace's release of first major bilingual single. Mellow Man Ace is actually not chicano, he's Cuban-American, still many consider him to be the "father of chicano rap". The title of "first major chicano artist" eventually went to Kid Frost who debuted in 1990 with his hit single, La Raza.
There is a heavy influence of Mexican heritage on chicano rappers, and many references or themes that relate to the United States, or Mexican-Americans. Eventhough chicano rap's major following is here in the United States, chicano rap's popularity is not growing in both South America and Asia as well.

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