Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Am In My Homeland!

Chicano rap is more than just music, it the voice of our movement, the voice of Aztlan. Before America became a nation of immigrants it was our land, it was Aztlan, and now we want it back. For too long have we been called illegal immigrants in our own land. We are not the illegal immigrants, they are, they are the ones who came in the late 1880's and conqured our land. "The Sleeping Giant Has Awakened", The chicano people are reproducing faster than all the whites in America, and the chicano people continue to flood America at roughly 3 million new immigrants per year. A few decaded ago, the image of couple of high school kids hanging out eating hot dogs was an image that many felt familiar with. Today, that hot dog stand is now a taco stand and the kids aren't even American anymore, they're chicano!

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